About Me:

Hi, My name is Luis Ignacio Chevere Del Rio. I was born and raised in Boriquen. My native languae is Spanish but I am fluent in English. Growing Up I developed a passion for Football(Soccer) and science. When I was young Two experiences inspired me and influenced me in undertaking the arts of Football and Science , specifically electricity and magnetism. One was the first world Cup I saw in 2006, when I was like 12 years old, the world cup that Italy won aggainst France, and the legend Zinedine Zidane headbutted Materazzi.In that world cup I for the first time saw how skilled the brassilians where and are in controlling the ball, they play with flow, with style,they did stuff that I couldn faddom one could perform with their feet, and From that moment my goal was to play like Ronaldinho, Wich eventually I did. THe other Experience That influenced me was the first time i created my first electro magnet by looping a wire through a nail and connecting the ends to a AA battery. Since that instant I became obssed with finding out more about those mistical forces that could levitate objects like fictional characters with super-natural powers. I became interested in the history and how it related to our daily modern life , i learned about Tesla, THe creator of our modern technological life , and wanted to become like him in the scientific/engineering aspect, because in his personal life he was crazyorgenius.After this expriences

For the rest of my life I have been obssed in developing my physical/sports skills and my mental/scientific/enginnering skills, Until I accquired the physical capacity of high level athlete and the the scientific/technical knowledge in the areas of electronics design/construction/repair, software/web/app development/cyber-security, computer design/construction. In this Site You are going find a portafolio of projects that demonstrate my practical skills in the different areas mentioned before. In this site you can see my physical/nutritional routines and also get more information in the different services that I offer.










-AVR microcontroller



-CREO Parametric(3D CAD)